September 18, 2011


The fog is rolling in on Boone.  The mountains outside my window are disappearing.  This is the time of year that locals pull out their SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lights, because the area stays in a constant state of gray all of fall and winter…and half of spring too.  However, tonight I’m saving myself a few hundred dollars and instead, having pizza night with William.  He is having Real pizza dough (yum!) full of that great gluten texture we all know and love and desperately miss.  But I will not let that put me down!  I am having Udi’s pizza crust with lots and lots of cheese.  I’m a happy girl.  Udi’s pizza crust is one of the few gluten-free baked products that I personally enjoy—it’s thin and crisp and doesn’t try to be too fancy.  We’re both topping our pizzas with roasted garlic, caramelized onions, and pepperoni and pairing our pizzas with Dexter and good cold beer.  My choice:  Red Bridge.  William’s choice:  Yeungling.   Time to settle in on the couch for a very relaxing and happy night in.


bob raymond said...

Did your mama tell you about the fabulous fried mushrooms I had at Old Venice in Starkville? They were absolutely delicious and were made with a light breading of rice flour with black pepper and cayenne pepper and salt.
Great spicy punch but not too hot. Mmmmmm.

julia said...

Yum! I'm slowly learning the joys of rice flour--it's kind of my favorite now

Hardygirl said...

I'm salivating! I love reading your wonderful spoken-like-a-foodie descriptions of all of your meals. And why don't I ever use caramelized onions?!? I'm changing that. Stat.

So glad to see o in the blogosphere!


Sarah said...

You did it! Congratulations on your blog. It's like my friend said when you were born, "What a great name...sounds like she'll be a writer one day." xoxo Mama