November 30, 2012

Old Ways

Ok, I'm not a vegan anymore.  In fact, I think it only lasted for 2 weeks.  My love of all things pig and William's late night Jimmy Johns cravings quickly overcame our desire to be a little bit healthier.  While we were a little ashamed to give up so quickly, we comforted ourselves with the thought that compared to most people in America we are pretty damn healthy!

To prove this to myself, I recently bought a giant box of clementines and am determined to eat my way through them before any go bad---cooking has been on the back burner.  But before my latest feat of conquering citrus, I was doing a little Thanksgiving cooking!  I have to say, my gluten free, dairy free dressing was pretty delicious.  William's family seemed thoroughly impressed with it--I didn't let them know that the amazing taste was due to the pound of spicy sausage used in the one tiny pan of dressing.  Can't get enough pig.

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Beth said...

Still laughing about the pork...that's the Southerner in you! In spite of all the good homegrown vegetables in the freezer that I eat , I broke down and baked a ham last night.
I try to stay away from that sort of stuff to help with my RA, but it's hard to resist a ham rubbed with honey, brown sugar and tons of fresh ground pepper!!!